Le Réseau canadien du CRSNG sur les services des écosystèmes aquatiques (RCSEA)

Projet 1.4

Identify the impacts of climate and land-use changes on peatland biogeochemical function in the Hudson Bay Lowlands


Liste des projets:
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The impacts of climate change on the biogeochemistry of peatland pore water in the Hudson Bay Lowland – Catherine Dieleman

Determining the biogeochemical and hydrological feedbacks in fen peatlands due to hydrological and treated wastewater additions – Colin Mcarter

Subsurface Flow Behavior of a Continuous Solute Release in a Sub-Arctic Bog – Nicole Balliston

Linking Mining Wastewater Discharge to Methylmercury Production and Persistence in a Sub-Arctic Peatland – Lauren Twible

Coordonnées du chef de projet:
Jonathon Price
University of Waterloo

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