Le Réseau canadien du CRSNG sur les services des écosystèmes aquatiques (RCSEA)

Building relationships with Far North Ontario First Nations



To contribute to building trust-based, respectful and beneficial relationships with all First Nations in whose traditional land use areas field work is required for the success of CNAES projects. Such relationships are required for the social license to carry out research in the region and therefore for a sustainable research program. Our approach is to i) engage young people in community schools with science activities broadly related to the science in Theme 1 and designed to motivate interest in environmental and earth sciences and ii) to speak with community members and leaders about benefits from the network’s projects.

Major Activities

During the Spring semester and in two summer camps we interacted with 280 young people in five communities. By the end of 2015 the total will be close to a thousand. We have taken aquaponics systems demonstrating the connection between terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems to two communities. We have developed and field tested graphic schemes for communicating fish consumption guidelines in collaboration with Project 1-5 and the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.

1.6 Pearson

Project Leader Contact Information:

David Pearson
Laurentian University

Heidi Swanson
University of Waterloo

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